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Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Please note that we have moved from the Ellen Street location

Please call:

(705) 737-1740  or   (705) 737-6137

!!! monitored 24 Hours for Emergency Response !!!

Mitch's cell: 705-321-3885
(secondary number)


We service all high-end component Audio equipment

We service all makes and models of Guitar Amplifiers

We service Valve (Tube) , Solid State and Hibrid based Audio equipment

We can Restore your earlier generation audio equipment,
returning the quality of the audio to the original (or improved) specifications

We can Custom Retro-Fit your existing audio equipment,
especially when original parts are no longer available from the manufacturer


On-site warranty service available for Htech systems

"Front to Back" warranty on Htech systems

We service both the commercial and private sectors

Htech computer systems are custom designed and locally manufactured

Htech systems are designed for performance, reliability, and upgradeability

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