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Top Header Satellite Map Tutorial Text

With you having just clicked on this Button you have landed here on the EXPLORE Satellite Map Tutorial Page.
Track Bill and Yoshi button
To return to your originating website, click the browser's Browser's Back button button.
Browser's Top Left Corner

Look to the left side of the screen and the Menu's visibility can be toggled by clicking on the Hide Menu button (I highlighted the button in Yellow) mid way down on the right side of the Menu. This allows the full area to be devoted to the display of the Map.
Show the Left Menu  or when hidden  Hide the Left Menu

Looking to the left side of the Map, locate this Menu entry and click it. This action will enable map features that we need access to.
Left side Menu entry for the 'Bike Across Canada'

You will find two types of Tracking Points they are either green Circles or as a green Arrow Head.
Tracking Point Circles  or  Large Arrow Head

The green Arrow Head indicates the current or last known location of Bill and Yoshi. The Arrow Head points to the direction of travel.
The Arrow Heads Current Location

Looking to the left side of the Map, locate this Menu Icon labelled Center and click it. This action will force the Arrow Head to the center of the map. (see also STEP 13)
Left side Map Center Icon

Look for the small Circle next to the Arrow Head. This Circle will contain either a (+) symbol or a (-) symbol. The function of the Circle is for toggling the visibility state of the Tracking Points. This toggling action is achieved with a single mouse click upon the (+) or (-) symbol, found within the Circle.  If the (+) symbol is present within the Circle, all Tracking Points are hidden, conversely if the (-) symbol is present, previously recorded Tracking Points are visible on the map.
plus symbol in circle  or a minus symbol in circle

Look to the upper right corner of the Map for the View State Button. This button has two posible states, they are shown below. The function of the View State Button is to toggle between viewing all Tracking Points starting at the beginning of the trip or viewing only the most recent Tracking Points of the trip, the latter is usually limited to the last 2 days. This map feature is dependant on the visibility state of the Tracking Points having been turned on, in STEP 6.
view all tracks  or  view recent tracks

The below image displays Tracking Points along a portion of the route that Bill and Yoshi have already traveled.
Track Point Map
The displayed tracking information in the above image consists of the green Arrow Head, the green Interconnecting Lines and the green Solid Circles. The Arrow Head represents the most current Tracking Point of this trip and the green Solid Circle located furthest from the Arrow Head represents the earlist Tracking Point currently visible on the map. The Arrow Head and each Solid Circle contain a large amount of recorded data related to the Trip's ID /Label/Name, Date, Time, Speed, Direction of Travel, Elevation, Battery Level, Latitude and Longitude captured at that respective point of the time line. The data collected by the InReach Satellite Transceiver has a scheduled upload routine that is based on 10 minute intervals, and the InReach will actively collect data whenever Bill and Yoshi are mobile. This scheduled upload interval may vary do to circumstances beyond our control.

Accessing the data contained within the many Tracking Points is as easy as applying a mouse click to any visible green Solid Circle or to the Arrow Head. Following a mouse click to any one of the visible Tracking Points, you can expect a pop-up Data Window to appear, similar to the one displayed in the below image. This Data Window displays the Trip's ID/Label/Name, Date and Time recorded in the Data Capture process for the specific Tracking Point you clicked on. You can see that the bottom center of this Data Window points to a specific Solid Circle on the map, that being the circle to which you applied the mouse click.
Data Window LESS
If you click on the The MORE link link at the bottom center of the Data Window it will expand the window and provide more detailed data. see the image below:
Data Window MORE
In this window you have a link labled The LESS link and if you click on it, the window will collapse to it's original size and display fewer details. (see the image above). To exit either of the information windows, simply point your mouse over the map and do a left click.

Should a minimal distance be traveled over a short duration, it would be expected that a number of Solid Circles might overlap one another, making it difficult to retrieve the data collected from any one of those respective Tracking Points. The solution is to zoom in on the visible map area (see also STEP 12) with the Zoom IN (+) button or by using the physical Scroll-Wheel on the Mouse to increase the spread between the overlapping Solid Circles. Following this action you would be able to click on any of the Solid Circles, retrieving the collected data for the respective Tracking Point. An example of this very issue can been seen in the two images depicting Bill and Yoshi's arrival into Salmo, BC.
Salmo,BC not Zoomed  Vs. having Zoomed IN(+)  Zoomed in on Salmo, BC

Look in the upper left corner of the map for this 4 Button Cluster. (for the location, see also the images in STEP 1)
4 button vertical cluster
This 4 Button Cluster controls three different functions: Zoom, Center Map and Map Type.

The 2 upper buttons of the 4 Button Cluster control the Zoom function. Zooming IN (+) or OUT (-) can be controled by mouse clicks upon these two buttons or by using the physical Scroll-Wheel on the Mouse.
+/- Zoom Buttons

The 3rd button down on the 4 Button Cluster activates the Center Map function. A mouse click to this button will center the Large Arrow Head on the Map. This button is equivalent to the Center Icon on the left side Menu (see also STEP 5). When the Menu is in the hidden state (see also STEP 1), the importance of the Center Map button is realized.
Center Map button

The 4th button down on the 4 Button Cluster, is the Map Type button.
Map Type button
Upon applying a single mouse click to the Map Type button, this action will invoke a drop-down menu, allowing for the selection of the base Map. The default is Topo. **
Map Type Drop-Down Menu
**Note: It is normal for the Map to be reset to the default Map Type if the browser's Reload/Refresh function has been triggered.
Browser Refresh Button
The 4 Map Types are: Topo, TopoActive, Aerial and Road.
Map Types Defined

  a standard Topographical Map
  a hybrid, 'elevation detailed' Topographical Map + Road Map
  a Satellite Imaged Map **
  a Road Map
The satellite imaging accurately reflects the area displayed, however the imaging is not in real-time.

Please take note that Tracking Points are updated approximately every 10 minutes, however this may vary. This is why the interconnecting lines between Tracking Points may stray off the actual traveled path when the vehicle is traveling at higher speeds as with the Motorhome heading out west. This straying off the path is not likely to be observed once Bill and Yoshi are traveling on the 'recumbent bike' at a much slower speed.

You will notice that the mouse pointer when hovering over the Map area is shown as a Hand. You may place the Hand at any location on the visible map and by holding the LEFT mouse button down, drag the mouse to shift the map to a different position. If you happen to move the map to an area which no longer displays Bill and Yoshi's current location, simply click on the Center Map button, located in the 4 Button Cluster or the Center icon, located on the far upper left Side Menu to re-center the map on the screen.
The Hand - Mouse Pointer

to JUMP to the MAP, click this button
jump to the Satellite tracking website

Last modified: May 4th, 2022  1516hrs EST
Created and © by: Donald J.C. Stewart for Bill and Yoshi's 'Bike Across Canada' Trip
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